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Loving When It Hurts …
September 26, 2006

“God’s power is always able to deal with the unpredictable, even the rebellious and wayward, in ways that work every event towards God’s purposes.”


“What will God do? Discard the humanity project the way a potter throws a mis-shapen, still wet pot back into the primordial clay from which it sprang? Or continue to work with it? Courage is the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair.”


“The depths of all parental resilience are rooted in a courage that continues to invest in life in spite of surprises, difficulties, and disappointments, all because it’s love of that life is too great to give up.”


“Relationships are sustained by the courage to reach out again, forgive once more, seek clarity in the midst of confusion, and change expectations more than once.”


“Courage beyond all reasonable calculation is sometimes needed to sustain relationships.”

– Robert Morris, Suffering and the Courage of God