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When I Know Joy …
December 6, 2006

He has been so good to me. The most beautiful gifts my heart’s received have been my husband and boys. But in His presence there’s a stirring that goes beyond the most wonderful love I’ve ever known here on Earth.

let me be crazy with you, Lord …
crazy, in love with you,
and spend some time alone on the roads
that lead to the sun and the stars.
let me sing, let me dance,
let me rest in your arms,
let us be, Let us share,
let us run with the wind.
let me be me
and be crazy with you,
totally crazy, in love with you, Lord.
let me jump on your shadow,
let me blow on your ear,
let us dream, Let us touch,
let us laugh through the tears.
let me be crazy with you, Lord
totally crazy and in love with you,
totally crazy in love with you.
– Ruth McLean

I want to know Him more! I know so little, but what I know is so amazing! If I can know Him more … ! I want His life to fill me, flow through me … To see this transforming love and life overflow in this world!