Fire …

A friend is here from Dwelling Places Children’s Home in Uganda. My husband connected with this place years ago on a trip there … I suppose before it was a “place.” It was just a dream in woman’s heart who wanted to be used by God to make a difference. So we’ve sought to help her do that. Over the years these people have captured and taken a piece of our hearts … which we are happy for them to have.

We asked this gal to explain to a group tonight why she does what she does. Why does she live to give her life away? Listening was extraordinary. To me it felt like looking into a piece of God’s heart. How she started in life pursuing her own dreams, but something caught her heart on fire. The course of her life was altered dramatically when she chose to look at what God put in front of her and allowed God to direct her life. She’s never married, but the burning that is inside of her to live for God, with her heart beating God’s heart, fills her with a life and love that so few ever experience. That life is mixed with pain to be sure … but I can see that it’s fulfillment mixed with painful longing … and fulfillment again. It’s giving everything for the Lord, and finding everything … and realizing you gave nothing! The way she aches inside for the kids God’s put in her life, loves and provides for them, will be known by so few in this world. But the beauty of transformed lives is something no one can measure.

What would happen if we all lived with this level of surrender and passion? I don’t mean selling everything and moving to Africa and caring for orphaned children. But letting God’s desires for our lives, and letting His love for others, burn within us.

I pray that if we ever succeed in building anything, we will build a community full of people who know God, and who live seeking to be God’s hands and feet, living with a fire that comes from allowing His heart to consume us.


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