Lost In A Jungle …

On a lovely trip to Kauai for our anniversary we managed to have quite an adventure. O’kay, it was totally horrible, but somehow fun looking on it after the fact. We decide to take a kayak through a jungle and venture on a short hike to some beautiful falls … BUT we never saw them! Why? Because we got totally and utterly lost for hours and hours! I can talk flippantly about the whole “adventure” but the reality is it became quite terrifying with at least an hour hanging on a cliffs edge in real fear for our lives (honestly!). At one point husbands lost his footing and slid over 30 feet only to be caught by a tree. If the tree had not been there he would have fallen another 50 feel onto rocks below. So dramatic! I laugh now! But at the time it was all not so very funny.  The whys and wherefores of how we got in this predicament are pretty embarrassing, so I’ll skip them, but in that unpleasant situation I saw some pretty horrid things in myself. Who to blame for getting lost … that was my initial emotional reaction until there was no energy left for anything other than trying to hang on to rocks and find our way back. It had to be the guy who rented us the kayaks, then that unfriendly guide we ran into near the start that gave us bad directions … He probably did it on purpose just to mess with stupid unprepared tourists. Now who ever is responsible for marking trails in Kauai does a terrible job! It’s so embarrassing when I admit to what really went through my head for the first hour or two of this drama.

In the end I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. I’d been silly. More than silly. I’d been absolutely stupid. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I was at Disney or something where nothing bad could actually happen. I had pressed on when I should have turned back an hour earlier. I made ridiculous assumptions and we got terribly lost pushing on in completely the wrong direction. We survived, our boys weren’t left as orphans (not a funny thought really) … and it was good to realize how stupid we were and how ridiculous it was to try to find someone to blame. We had no one to be upset with aside from ourselves and the rotten bugs that almost ate us alive. They were nasty and deserved a good bit of wrath.


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